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Take Dad rafting on Father’s Day

Celebrate Father’s Day in 2015 by taking Dad whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River ….America’s most popular whitewater river.  Let Sunburst Adventures make this a Father’s Day one Dad will always talk about. An Ocoee River trip beats a new tie everytime!


Rafting Space Coupon Info

Coupon…Shmoupon ……No coupon needed to get a great deal on a whitewater rafting trip this weekend on the Ocoee River with Sunburst Adventures. Sunburst will match any reasonable coupon offer ( some folks are nuts!) to help get your group rafting on the Ocoee River this Memorial Day weekend. Best of all … one call to Sunburst […]

Middle Ocoee
Full Ocoee

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In 1976, Sunburst Adventures pioneered the first commercial whitewater rafting trips on the Ocoee River. While we set the standard for quality whitewater rafting trips, we don't dare rest on our laurels! After 39 years, we continue to offer superior service, quality facilities, and what we consider to be the best whitewater rafting guide staff on the Ocoee River! Our hand-picked, enthusiastic staff loves whitewater. Season afterseason, our expert guides deliver rafting trips full of wet, wild, and zany fun,  balanced with tidbits of knowledge about the Ocoee River. Every aspect of your whitewater rafting journey is guaranteed to be filled with attention to detail, and a sizable dose of raft guide humor.

Located in the Cherokee National Forest, in South east Tennessee, the Ocoee River is a veritable hot bed of challenging whitewater rafting action. The  Upper Ocoee River was even chosen as the course  for the 1996 Olympic Summer Games! The Middle Ocoee River section is no slouch either, as it offers 5 miles of non-stop Class III and Class IV raging rapids. Nervous? Don't be! While we can't hold your hand on your whitewater rafting trip, our friendly office staff will walk you through the reservation process to ensure your experience with us runs smoothly, start to finish. Trip dates fill up quickly, so be sure to call 423-338-8388 to set up your whitewater rafting adventure on the Ocoee River!