Instructional Courses

In addition to whitewater rafting and tubing adventures, Sunburst Adventures provides many instructional courses. Wilderness First Aid courses are provided routinely. Climbing, rappelling and spelunking instruction is also available at Sunburst Adventures. These courses are ideal for those interested in guiding or leadership positions in the wilderness.

Wilderness First Aid courses are offered routinely on the property. An experienced whitewater raft guide provides instruction for the course. The course is designed to provide you with the tools to make critical medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Unique to Wilderness first aid is that it includes nursing care that is not otherwise apart of first aid training. Typically a Wilderness First Aid course will last 80 hours, and often times provide college credits and may include certification.

The course focuses on training students to quickly and accurately assess a situation. Students are then to improvise solutions using the resources available in order to stabilize the patient until further medical attention can be reached. Topics that will be covered in the course might include: basic life support, responding to trauma, prevention and treatment of blood-born pathogens, treatment of infectious disease, management of bone and joint injuries, management of spinal or head injury, response to sudden illness, and evacuation planning and implementation.

Sunburst Adventures also offers climbing, rappelling, and spelunking instruction on the premises. Come out to learn and discuss skills and gear for belay protected rappelling off snow, rock and ice slopes and faces on major peaks. Hands on instruction and practice prove to produce well-equipped climbing and spelunking instructors.

Rappelling trips are offered in one day or day blocks. If you just want the experience of rappelling then the day trip might be for you. However, if you want to learn the ropes (knots, rigging, ect.) then the full day trip is recommended., All equipment will be furnished (helmets, rope, sit-harnesses.)
  • Personal equipment should include: *Boots, *Daypack, * Water bottle, *Lunch on full day trip, *Clean Gloves.

  • Personal Rappelling equipment may be used after inspection by the instructor. Remember to DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!

  • Maximum number of people per trip -- 6
  • Cost: $45 per person for day, $100 per person for full day.

Caving trips are offered in full or half day blocks depending on the cave we adventure to. We follow the guidelines of the National Speleological Society for conservation minded caving. Provided equipment includes: Helmets and helmet-mounted light.

  • Personal equipment should include:*Boots,*Gloves,*Old clothes that can get muddy, *Long sleeve shirt,*Complete change of clothes,*Daypack, *Water bottle, *Lunch on full day trip.

  • Maximum number of people per trip -- 10

  • Cost: $35 per person for day at local cave, Full day quoted individually depending on cave we travel to. Approximately $90 per person.

All transportation to and from the caving site is the responsibility of the client.

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