About Us

Sunburst Adventures is THE ORIGINAL whitewater rafting outfitter on the Ocoee River. We are proud of the fact that we are still going strong after 40 years. Of course, we feel that we offer the best whitewater rafting trips on the Ocoee River. Other outfitters make the same claim, and in fact, there are some that are very good. If we are absolutely filled to capacity, we'll be glad to refer you to another high-quality outfitter.


There are several reasons, but there are a few conceptual things that we feel set us apart from the competition.


Our guides love whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River. Any of our guides will tell you that, while they obviously have fun doing their job, it is far more rewarding to hear someone new to the Ocoee River experience rave about the great time they had with their friends. We constantly strive to make sure the Ocoee River impresses our guests the same way the river has made lifelong impressions on our staff. We love it when folks who consider themselves "veteran Ocoee rafters" tell us after the trip that our trip was by far the best Ocoee River trip they've taken.


We think that a whitewater rafting trip down the Ocoee River is more than going from point A to point B. Our guides take great pleasure in showing you the hidden, little known "fun spots" on the Ocoee River. While we don't kill time just to go slow, we strive to take time to relax, surf in some of the famous play spots, and even take a dip to cool off. There is a lot to see and learn about the Ocoee River and the surrounding area.


Your whitewater rafting trip is for your enjoyment first and foremost. Our guides are always going to have a great time, but our primary goal is to make sure that you do. We are proud to boast that we feel we have the most skilled, most qualified staff on the river. "We didn't become the best by being the oldest, we became the oldest by being the best!"