Whitewater FAQ

Whitewater enthusiasts from all over travel to the southeast to explore the Ocoee River. Summertime tourists make up most of our customers. Sunburst Adventures invites all whitewater enthusiasts to the Ocoee River for an unbeatable adventure. Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions:

When should we arrive at Sunburst Adventures?
What should we wear?
What about rain?
Does Sunburst Adventures offer instructions?
What is a cap day?
Is it necessary that I make a reservation?
When is the best time to go rafting?
What days are available to raft?
Does Sunburst Adventures hold office hours?
Is there an age limit?
Can I Request a guide?
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Do you offer discounts for large groups?
Are gift certificates available at Sunburst Adventures?