Rapid Class Classifications

Sunburst Adventures invites North Carolina whitewater rafting enthusiasts to the Ocoee River waters. Rafting is a great summertime sport for tourists. Rapids vary in intensity creating different experiences on the water. According to the International Rating System rapids are classified in ascending order as follows:


Class I

Easy and smooth waters with light riffles. Occasional sand banks and gentile curves are common. Problems are only likely to arise when it is necessary to paddle around bridges and other obvious obstructions.


Class II

Moderate, medium quick waters that offer rapids with regular waves that require some maneuvering. Open and clear passages are common between rocks and ledges. Water is best handled by intermediates and those who can read water.


Class III

 Moderately difficult water featuring numerous high and irregular waves. Passages near rocks and eddies are passable, but require experience. These rapids are best left to canoeist with expert skills.


Class IV

Difficult water offering long and powerful rapids as well as standing waves. Powerful and precise maneuvering is required. Visual inspections are necessary.


Class V

Extremely difficult waters feature long, violent rapids that relentless and nearly continuous. Rivers are full of obstructions, large drops, and violent currents among extremely steep grades.


Class VI

Extraordinarily difficult waters that are often FATAL to paddlers due to the extreme danger. Waters are only navigable when water levels and conditions are favorable.