Ocoee Whitewater Rapids

Tennessee Rafting – Rapid Descriptions

The Ocoee River offers the most exciting Tennessee whitewater rafting in the state. The Middle Ocoee River offers a bit of a thrill among nearly continuous whitewater. Notable Class III and IV rapids include:


  • Grumpy: Grumpy attempts to boot members off the raft right from the beginning. The abrupt start will challenge even the seasoned whitewater enthusiast. Grumpy rapid is a Class IV Rapid that quickly indicates the wild journey that lies ahead.
  • Tablesaw: The entire river is channeled into a narrow chute creating turbulence. The rapid, named for a large rock that bisected the current creating a rooster tail, no longer features the rock or roster tail due to flooding. Eddies adorn both sides of the chute making for great eddy hopping conditions.
  • Hell’s Hole: Sights of the Powerhouse and bridge identify the beginning of the decent on Ocoee River’s most famous rapid. Rafters are encouraged to approach the hole from the left following eddies. It is not uncommon to see many paddlers surrounding Hell Hole.

The Upper Ocoee River offers riders a more invigorating 5-mile ride with fewer, tougher rapids to overcome. The Class III and IV rapids along the Upper are sparse, but powerful. The distance between Mickey’s and Roach Motel makes up the Olympic challenge course.

  • Mickey’s: Mickey’s is known as the largest rapid above the Olympics course, and is visible from the island in the middle of the river. To the right of the island is a chute that will fork, forcing riders to choose between a 5 foot ledge drop into a deep hole to the right, or a rocky descent down a four foot ledge.
  • Humongous: Humongous is the largest rapid on the Upper Ocoee’s Olympic course. The constricting river creates a large wave train which bisects at a large rock. Each side of the rock offers rafters a challenge. The left side will showcase eddies leading up to the riverbanks. The right side proves to be more challenging, as its eddies matched with large waves create a water plunging hydraulic.
  • Roach Motel: You will find Roach Motel shortly after passing through Humongous. The river will narrow and will drop three times into large offset holes. It is encouraged to stay right, as to avoid the largest center hole.

The Lower Ocoee is ideal for rafters looking for a calmer, family-friendly ride, and features mostly Class I and II rapids. Contact Sunburst today to reserve your spot on the water.