Great Job!

Earl, Totally loved surfing with you. Thanks so much for making our Mom’s bday adventure AWESOME! I know this helped her feel young. We all had a great time! Thanks so much for great stories, instructions, and attitude! Super for sure! The Wear Group P.S. hope this helps pay for that new football…

Arielle “Earl”

Thanks for a fantastic day. What a treat my kids set up for my Birthday. It was a biggie, I am now officially a “Senior Citizen”. Thanks goodness it doesn’t feel like it and I loved enjoying being with my family on the river. Jeanette

Had a Blast!

Cody, I had a blast 🙂 I.m definitely coming back to do both sections, and I’m most definitely requesting you. You deserve a huge tip, I’ll remember to bring more cash next time… Brandy

Lots of FUN!

Jarrod, If you hadn’t dunked us, we wouldn’t have had to thank you for saving our lives… Lot’s of FUN! Thanks


Cody (aka Peaches), Thanks for an awesome ride! Best fun we’ve ever had on a raft! From The Hunts, the Von Thorens, and Captain Obvious


Thank you for the trip A. We had a blast and look forward to coming again. We would love to raft again with you as our guide. Thanks, Adam and Ray


Dear Josh, Our rafting group came in on Sunday, August 12th, and we had such a great time! We’ll be sure to tell our friends and we are planning on making this an annual trip. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring cash to tip our AWESOME guide, Frosty. We have enclosed $20.00 and hope this makes […]