Alpine Tower

Vert shot with guests good perspective

Tackle this “Challenge by Choice” and face your fears head-on! After mastering our low ropes course, watch your new skills and success transform into the confidence you need to perform on the high ropes course of the Sunburst Adventures Alpine Tower. Team-building leads to support of the individual as you watch and cheer on other participants climbing the 50-foot tower. Guests are belayed by a certified instructor at all times. Minimum group size is 4 people. Approx. 2-4 hours based on group size.

A variety of routes ensures that no two trips are alike. Take on the Teeter-Totter, climb the Giant’s Ladder or the Cargo Net, swing on the Icicles or in the Karma Seat. Push yourself to reach the Crow’s Nest and celebrate your victory! Minimum group size is 4 people. Approx. 2-4 hours based on group size.

Night Climbing now available! Add some headlamps and your group will have an experience they are not likely to forget.