Ocoee River testimonial from outpostusa.org

“The Ocoee is a great, great white water rafting experience. It has the steepest continuous gradient of any raftable river in the Southeast. They call it “Rapid Transit,” or “The Chute.” The other rivers are drop – and – pool routes. That is, they may have exciting rapids, but in between there are long peaceful pools. Not the Ocoee. From the time it starts until the pull out at Lake Ocoee, it only levels out twice. One is a small pool, pictured far below, where the guides stop their rafts and let people go swimming. The other is a dam, where rafting trips stop for lunch while they carry the rafts around. Otherwise, the Ocoee is continuous whitewater, with barely enough time between rapids to catch your breath and scramble back to your assigned position in the raft in time to get your paddle in the water for the next challenge.

This is also a historic run. It was the U.S. Olympic whitewater route in 1996 when the Olympics were held in Atlanta. Many improvements were made to the put in, take out, road, and Whitewater Center at that time which are still in use by rafting parties. In the years since, numerous Olympic paddlers have reminisced about the Ocoee, calling it the most incredible course any Olympics has ever had. The Olympic Whitewater Committee consulted every expert they could find, then moved boulders and rock slabs until they had as close to a perfect course as could be created without just pourfing concrete and building one from scratch. The river itself has done some rearranging since, until the Ocoee is a whitewater rafter’s fantasy. “

from the Outpostusa.org blog site: