Full Ocoee

IMG_7040The Ocoee River, in southeast Tennessee, is one of America’s most popular rivers for playboating. The dam-controlled water is pleasantly warm for the entire 8-month season. Rafting the entire Ocoee River is a 10-mile fast-paced whitewater adventure that includes a riverside stop for lunch between the Upper and Middle sections. The Ocoee has three potentially dangerous undercuts, all of which can be avoided, that pose opportunities for injury. Keep in mind that undercuts are rare in the southeast.

The Upper section begins quite mildly as rafters are forced to meander among bushes and trees that clutter the riverbed, and ends seemingly abruptly as the churning and powerful water pushes the raft at great speeds. The Middle Ocoee features a more relaxing ride, while still offering Class III and IV rapids to keep your heart pumping.

Sunburst Adventures is currently accepting reservations for whitewater rafting adventures for the full Ocoee River experience.